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Our team works together with our patients, providing individualized care, and taking the time to consider their unique wants and needs. Whether you have recently been in an auto accident or suffered a workplace injury our team offers a variety of medical specialties to help get back in action.

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Chiropractic Care

Annually, about 22 million Americans visit chiropractors. Chiropractors aim to align the body’s musculoskeletal structure properly through hands-on manipulation, along with other alternative treatment methods.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a hands-on, non-invasive, treatment option for diseases, injuries, or deformities. They aim to improve the quality of life of their patients through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and patient education.

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Orthopedic Care

An Orthopedist specializes in disorders, injuries, prevention, treatment, and the repair of the skeletal system. This includes its related joints, ligaments, and muscles.

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Pain Management

There are 1.5 billion people living worldwide with chronic pain. When visiting a pain management specialist they will help treat your pain and coordinate care and create a treatment plan that’s best for you. 

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Acupuncture is a critical component of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the insertion of thin needles through the skin at specific points on the body. It is a standard treatment of pain but is increasingly used to help patients deal with stress management and overall wellness.

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Massage Therapy

Massage can be used for many health-related issues. This includes, but is not limited to, pain relief, sports injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, relaxation, anxiety, depression, and aiding in overall general wellness.

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Here at Broadway Diagnostic & Rehabilitation, our team specializes in providing patients with the chiropractic services they need to recover from their ailments.  Dr. Michael Gramse D.C., our chiropractic in Amityville, is well versed in this area of practice.  We understand how difficult living with pain is, which is why we’re committed to providing top-quality care to those in need.  Whether it be due to an injury, a car accident, or a workers’ comp issue, Dr. Gramse and the team will be able to help.  When visiting our office you can expect the following: 

Mid Back Pain Massage Therapy
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Don’t think that living with pain needs to become your new normal.  At Broadway Diagnostic & Rehabilitation, we’ll determine the root of the issue and move forward with creating the necessary plan for treatment.  

After being involved in a car wreck, there are a plethora of issues a person can face. Immediately seeking medical attention following this instance serves as the best option for helping you make a full recovery.

Have you recently become injured at work? Do you require treatment for your injury and also need confirmation of its severity for workers’ compensation purposes? 

Our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Gramse, is well versed in treating patients with back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, sports injuries, and much more will work diligently to get you back to full strength.

Physical therapy is an activity-based form of treatment. Through therapeutic stretches and strength exercises, physical therapy promotes healing in the structural and supporting tissue around the problematic area.

Chronic pain is defined as pain that continuously affects a patient for at least 3 to 6 months. Feelings of pain that last a week can be challenging to manage, which is why our team should be contacted right away 

An orthopedic doctor is a medical professional who focuses on conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. Whether it be an injury or a disease, if you’re faced with an issue affecting your bones, joints, ligaments/tendons, muscles, or nerves, an orthopedist can help.

 This ancient medical service has helped people for thousands of years and could be just what you need to get back to being pain-free. If you’re to improve your quality of life, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment for acupuncture with our team.

Massage therapy involves the therapist manually manipulating the affected area, causing issues within the patient. This form of treatment aims to break up any scar tissue causing the patient pain while simultaneously loosening up the tightened areas.

When you believe you or a loved one is dealing with a neurological disorder, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Broadway Diagnostic & Rehabilitation. We’ll run the neuro diagnostic tests needed to confirm your diagnosis and recommend any necessary next steps.

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