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Have you been injured as part of your working career? If you’re looking for treatment from a workers comp doctor in Amityville, Broadway Diagnostic & Rehabilitation could be the solution to your pain. Our facility, led by Dr. Michael Gramse D.C., is one that not only accepts workers’ compensation as a form of insurance but also specializes in injuries relating to these types of accidents. If you’ve been recently injured while on the job, contacting our facility in Amityville, NY could be the next step in your work recovery process. 

What Are Some Common Work-Related Injuries?

Depending on the nature of your occupation, there are various types of injuries that can be experienced while on the job. Typically, these injuries occur primarily for blue-collar workers, or someone whose field requires plenty of manual labor. In these instances, the most common types of injuries can include the following:

  • Slips & Falls – Usually a result of slipping on a wet surface or falling from a large height if you work in construction. 
  • Muscle Strains – Often a result of lifting heavy objects, typically, leading to strains of the lower/upper back. 
  • Falling Debris –  Another injury that’s more common on a construction site. Being struck by falling objects could lead to lacerations, bruises, or concussions. 
  • Collision – When operating heavy equipment, collisions between two coworkers can be pretty common. Injuries of this nature can include whiplash, fractures, or other types of soft tissue damage. 
  • Cuts/Lacerations – When operating certain machinery, the blades on the equipment can lead to lacerations of the hands or other areas. 
  • Toxic Fumes – Some factory workers can attest that their working areas may be contaminated by unhealthy chemicals, which can lead to complications of the lungs and respiratory system. 
  • Loud Noise – Eardrum damage and other complications can arise due to the loud noise provided in your working environment. 

What Treatment Methods Does Our Workers Comp Doctor In Amityville Provide?

When it comes to treatment methods, the medical response will depend upon the type of injury that you suffered. Thankfully, Dr. Michael Gramse D.C. and his staff offer an abundance of services at his facility in Amityville, NY to help treat patients through a variety of methods. For more information on our healthcare services, please click any link below in which you are interested in learning more about:

If you’d like to speak with someone directly regarding these services, please click here to give us a call. If you prefer to submit a question, you can do so by visiting our contact page by clicking here

Request An Appointment With Our Workers Comp Doctor In Amityville

Work-related injuries are a tricky situation. Navigating between insurance companies, your job, and your law firm can all be strenuous for the entirety of the process. Let us help you ease this process by making your healthcare the #1 priority. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael Gramse D.C. and the staff at Broadway Diagnostic & Rehabilitation, please click here for our appointment page.

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